Princeton and George Washington University have started imposing ban on iPad from campuses

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Posted by Rachel King

 Not just countries are nervous over iPad performance standards, but now even some of America’s top universities have said that their campuses are not ready for this device.

 According to the Wall Street Journal, both Princeton and George Washington University have banned the iPad from their networks, after wireless security and connectivity issues were reported. Cornell seems ready to prohibit the tablet computer as well.

 Given that the iPad has been touted as an excellent education tool and perfect for college students, this must be a huge blow for Apple. It’s not likely to slow down Apple’s sales anytime soon, especially with the upcoming release of the 3G edition, but this is not good news when one of the target demographics is blocked from using their new gadgets in one of their most common settings. It sounds like Apple should come out with a firmware update to resolve this issue soon - unless a recall is necessary.

Did Apple rush this product out too fast without testing it enough? Or do the universities need to step up their Wi-Fi networks to handle growing traffic?

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