Ashley Graham fights back: She thinks ABC and FOX’s actions amount to prejudice against plus-size women or women with curves.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ashley Graham is a plus-size model

In her first exclusive television interview, plus-size model Ashley Graham told PIX 11 News she was shocked to learn ABC and FOX could not handle her bust in a new underwear commercial, banning the ad from the air. "They told me it was too much skin," the size-16 stunner told PIX 11 News.

Lane Bryant , the plus-size women's clothing retailer, released a statement through their blog "Inside Curve," accusing the networks of attempting to define beauty by denying the new commercial from airing freely.

Graham thinks prejudice against women with curves might be in the play.

"The Victoria's Secret girls can flaunt around their panties all day long, " she said. "But when there's a bigger woman with a little bit extra, they snipped it out immediately."

According to Lane Bryant, ABC refused to show the commercial during "Dancing with the Stars" without restricting their airtime to the final moments of the show while Fox demanded excessive re-edits and rebuffed it three times before relenting to air it during the final 10 minutes of "American Idol."

"The majority of women in American are my size, 12, 14, 16," Graham said. "They want to see themselves on television."

Ashley Graham's Controversial Video for Lane Bryant


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