iPad Ban at Universities Mostly Hype

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

By Lina Berezovska

iPad bans in universities have recently been written about in major media, following Israel blocking iPads entering the country last week, concerned that the wireless transmitters in the devices are too powerful.

Yet this may all be hype. Princeton University did issue a technical alert stating that the iPad causes network disruptions on campus. But the university provided a temporary solution, warning only that some iPads may need to be blocked if they continue to make the network unstable. Cornell is also experiencing network bandwith overload, while University of George Washington was never apple mobile product-friendly in terms of network support, The Wall Street Journal noticed in its article on the topic.

But not all schools are having issues. The Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania is integrating the iPad into its new Griffin Technology Advantage program, The Chronicle wrote. Students for an additional fee of $500 per semester can enjoy an iPad in a wireless campus with recently quadrupled bandwith.

University of George Fox in Oregon are also going for the iPad in the start of the fall, as part of its Connected Across Campus program, the school wrote in its newsletter. Each student will have a choice between an iPad or a MacBook. While the university is still uncertain how the iPad will affect its campus, George Fox is planning to expand the WiFi coverage into its dormitories, the newsletter revealed.

With over 500,000 iPads sold by Apple, how Universities will adapt to the device remains to be seen. Some are already facing networking issues while others are integrating the device into the classrooms. While the final picture is unclear, it might all come down to universities' choice to push for more advanced technology on campus to keep up with the fast paced hi-tech world.

Source: www.theepochtimes.com

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