Quickbooks Online Login Crashed today, but it is back online; it is functioning adequately.

Friday, April 23, 2010

  • Quickbooks is back online

Reports have been flooding in that Quickbooks online login wasn’t working this morning. Obviously, this would be a huge inconvenience and problem for many small business owners who rely on Quickbooks for their day to day transactions, payroll, and accounting records.

The first place many small business owners point their computers in the morning ist he Quickbooks Online login.  QuickBooks online solutions help you track your business finances, pay your bills, create invoices and POs, manage your inventory, be ready at tax time with complete and accurate records, and more.
However, users who tried to use the Quickbooks online login this morning were confronted with an error message.

According to the personalmoneystore.com, Quickbooks online login is still accessible via quickbooks.intuit.com.

The official Quickbooks online Twitter responded at about 10 a.m. Pacific time, saying “Our team is working on getting QuickBooks Online back up.”

About 1 hour ago we received the following message: “QuickBooks Online is back online – thanks for your patience. You can login now”.

Have a profitable day!

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