Powerball Winner Missouri native: Chris Shaw, 29-year-old Missouri, won $258 Million Dollars.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chris Shaw, Powerball Winner

Chris Shaw, 29-year-old Missouri convenience store clerk won $258 Million Dollars. Chris Shaw played the winning PowerBall numbers 11-34-41-49-55-PB 20. The cash value lump-sum payment would be $124,875,122, with state income taxes of around $6 Million dollars.

Rhode Islanders were glued to their TV's on Wednesday, April 21st, waiting for their lucky numbers to be picked. No one in Rhode Island got lucky, but Chris Shaw of Missouri sure did.

Chris is a former truck driver who sports multiple tattoos. His front two teeth are missing due to poor dental hygiene, he says, and he couldn't afford to have them replaced. That is obviously not going to be an issue now. The Powerball payoff will also take care of his obligation for a Ford pickup truck he bought from a friend for $1,000 with an agreement to pay off in $100 installments.

Chris claims that after his debts are paid, he plans to take off for a while and visit Disneyworld with his family (make that plural- families. That should be an interesting road trip.). He has not revealed if he will be keeping his job at the Marshall convenience store, or whether he will opt for the 30 year payout or the lump sum of $124,875,122, less taxes of about $6 million.

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