Hector Penate Confesses: I had superlative Sex with Larry King's Wife, Shawn Southwick, countless of times.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hector Penate

Hector Penate admits he totally had an affair Shawn Southwick in the home of her husband Larry King countless of times that he (Hector) felt like it was his own house. Mr. Hector Penate says he first bedded Shawn Southwick-King in 2007. Mr. Hector said he was seduced by Shawn Southwick. When narrating how it all started, he said, “We got back in the car, and we kind of locked eyes and just started kissing," He said the first time he passionately bedded Shawn Southwick was memorable.

Hunky Hector Penate was a former baseball coach of Larry and Shawn Southwick King’s young sons. His role as the kid baseball coah gave him easy access to Larry King's  house. The former baseball coach admitted skillfully grilling Shawn Southwick, Larry King's wife, in Larry’s own bed. Mr. Penate met with Larry King's lawyers at their Los Angeles office on April 15 for a session that lasted late into the night.

Larry and Shawn Southwick-King have been married since the 1990s, which is an eternity for Larry King. Dude gets married and divorced like it's his job.

Moreover, the actor and baseball coach says he nailed Larry King's wife right before her divorce filing last week and says she mused about Larry's demise.

In an interview airing on ET, he leaves little doubt over whether he slept with Shawn Southwick, responding to the question with: "Yes I did." He emphasized, “We had sex in Larry's bed a lot; I felt like it was my house”

Hector Penate, 31, said Shawn, 50, often spoke to him of her desire to divorce Larry, 76, and wistfully told him, "'Don't worry, he's gonna die soon.'"

King and Southwick filed divorce papers minutes apart last week after a fight over Shawn's claim King is having an affair with Shannon Engemann. Shannon Engemann is Shawn Southwick King’s younger sister.

Southwick has denied having an affair with Penate, but he (Hector Penate) insists that they both had an affair. Mr. Hector explained that the illicit sexual relationship was motivated by King's affair with Engemann.

Sources: http://www.nationalenquirer.com/

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