DaGrin's Fans Reactions to his fatal accident, His death and Other issues.(updated)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

 Olaitan Oladapo a.k.a DaGrin
The reactions of DaGrin's fans worldwide to his fatal accident and subsequently his passing away have been overwhelming. There have been outpours of emotions and prayers for DaGrin's family to stay strong.

A group of fans, friends and close associates did created a Facebook account which was dedicated to Dagrin’s recovery while he was at the hospital. The facebook account is titled “ We Are Praying for DaGrin; he will make it.”  I did respectfully requested well wishers and sympathizers to stop by the facebook account created specially for fans to wish him(DaGrin) speedy recovery and God’s supernatural healing, strengths and courage in times of trials and tribulations. But unknowing to us, DaGrin would not survive the injuries he sustained as a result of the accident.

 This fatal auto accident  and death of Nigerian most talent lyricist could have been prevented if we have responsible and responsive government and leadership in Nigeria. We can not continue to loose our talented citizens to road mishaps. We can recall that Joseph Dosu, Nigerian Olympic Gold medalist, lost his goalkeeping career as a result of an accident. Just last month,(March, 2010), Tunde Ekundayo, a Nigerian based in United Kingdom, lost his precious life through Okada (motorcycle) crash on his first visit to see his family in Nigeria. About 15 innocent Nigerians feared dead on March 24, 2010 in an auto crash involving a trailer and bus along the Ibadan-Eruwa Road in Oyo State. The so called powerful Nigerians are not excluded in the road mishap, Senator Liyel Imoke, the Governor of Cross River State, was involved in a ghastly accident on his way from a funeral at the Obudu Ranch in the month of March, 2010. He was flown out the country for medical treatment. The list is endless.

 Personally, I think it is high time the Nigerian Government reviews the performance of officials at the helm of affairs of various road safety agencies in Nigeria. Nigerians want to know if road safety agencies such as the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and similar agencies at state government levels are making efforts to reduce and manage the high spate of vehicular accidents on our roads. I am not sure if Nigeria’s Road Safety agencies are keeping the proper records of daily road accidents of each region for statistical analysis and data driven decision making purposes.

I will suggest that proactive campaigns should be launched to make our roads much safer for both drivers and pedestrians. Most of the linking roads or interstate roads in Nigeria are narrow. These roads were constructed during the colonial era and the construction of these roads did not project or consider the population explosion and increase in vehicular movement we are witnessing in Nigeria. The roads need to be widened to accommodate the every growing traffic congestion.

In addition, the National Assembly at the Federal level and House of Representatives at the State levels need to pass bills that would ban street parking or abandonment of automobile or trucks on the highways. There should be a legislation that would deter drivers from Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and causing other traffic violations. In order to make this ban effective and enforceable, the government must provide spacious parking garages or lots along major roads. The government has to purchase equipment to track the speed of drivers. The Nigerian Police need to train its personnel on how to weed out drunk drivers and substance abuse drivers from our highways. The speed limit signs must be strategically placed on the roads and the introduction of speed tickets and Blood alchol test (BAT) and Breath alcohol test would help discourage dangerous drivers and people driving under the influence of alcohol to stay away from our roads.

 Although there are different causes of accidents on Nigeria’s federal high roads and state roads, I think proper legislation and re-orientation of Nigerian drivers and law enforcement agencies would help save the lives of our endearing citizens.

 Goodnight! Olaitan Oladapo a.k.a DaGrin

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