15-year-old Detroit boy Sleeps in Bed Bath & Beyond Store

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bed Bath & Beyond Store

The name is clear enough: Bed Bath & Beyond. If you were a runaway looking for a place to crash, why wouldn’t you go there?

A 15-year-old boy in Detroit allegedly did just that; the boy ran away from home on April 18, and spent nights at the store, pulling bedding from the amply stocked shelves. However, he pushed the “snooze” button one too many times, and on the morning of Thursday, April 22, according to reports, when the store’s staff arrived, they found the boy and called the police, who went to the store to investigate.

“It seems a young man that didn’t want to sleep out on the streets found an alternate location,” Roseville Mich. Police Lt. Donald Glandon told the Detroit Free Press.

Glandon said the boy was released to his family, but ran away again. The boy has run away from home numerous times, according to reports, and is now allegedly in juvenile detention.

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