Poor Performance: Fans walk out on Whitney Houston

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whitney Houston is just having a very rough time with this comeback of hers. Once the reigning queen of R&B and Pop music, Houston’s crack addiction and abusive relationship with ex-husband Bobby Brown (who was rumored to be dead yesterday via another Twitter scam), have damaged her so much she can only offer a hot mess for her fans during this “Nothing But Love” comeback tour.

She was recently in the hospital due to a respiratory infection which had her cancel a couple of shows. We were hoping she had fully recovered enough to give her fans a strong performance but it sounds like that wish is most likely not going to come true.

We’ve shown you clips of Whitney’s horrific comeback live shows but we gave her a little leeway since she was just getting back into the saddle. However, it’s been a couple of months and she seems to be getting worse. Her excuse for her latest train wreck at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday? Air conditioning.

According to dimewars.com, fans were fed up with Houston’s inability to hit high notes in her popular songs such as “I Will Always Love You,” and walked out in masses. That has got to hurt for a pop star who was once on top! They report comments from the former diva such as,

“She don’t want to come, my soprano friend [...] Sometimes the old girl sings, but not tonight. I want to do it, but she doesn’t want to. … She’s getting a little… temperamental, even.”
She went on to call the air conditioning “air-con” and claimed that she could “feel it — it takes away my soprano.” Oh, Whitney. Doesn’t she know that she can’t afford to make excuses like that for such a highly anticipated comeback tour? We don’t know about everyone else, but a comeback tour implies hard work and an artist giving it their all no matter what the technical difficulties their shows may have.

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