Jose Aldo Beats Urijah Faber

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jose Aldo wins

Jose Aldo is not a very old fighter in the mixed martial arts event called the “Ultimate Fighting Championship”. He has a good record of 16-1-0 but the way the guy fights is more than explosive. The most disturbing thing about Aldo is his speed. He attacks his opponent with such overwhelming agility that most of them don’t get a chance of hitting back. It seems as if the guy is overflowing with energy.

Recently there was a much hyped fight in the UFC in which Aldo challenged Urijah Faber for his featherweight championship. Urijah is a seasoned fighter with a great record of 23-3-0. He relies on his unpredictability in the fight. He does moves that the opponent doesn’t expect. For instance he usually kicks the opponent while falling. Clearly this kind of a move really throws the opponent off.
Both Aldo and Faber are extremely good fighters and the championship fight was considered to be the best fight in UFC history.

People were expecting a lot from Faber, but Aldo totally overshadowed him from the first round. Faber definitely seems stronger than Aldo and weighs more as well, but Aldo’s speed seemed a little more than what Faber could handle. Aldo came in with the fastest punches, flying knees and roundhouse kicks that anyone has ever seen. Faber didn’t get a chance to dominate Aldo like he used to dominate his other opponents.
Aldo kept on disorienting Faber with his lightning fast kicks and punches throughout the second, third and fourth round. By the end of the fourth round Faber was badly injured and extremely tired. In the fifth round Faber was finally defeated and was looking really torn up. Aldo, on the other hand, didn’t seem the least bit tired and looked absolutely untouched.

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