Obama cheating scandal: Who is Vera Baker? She has relocated to Island of Martinique.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vera Baker
Rumor has it that Michelle Obama was complaining about the supposed close friendship between Barack Obama and Vera Baker and before the public knew it, she was transferred to work at the Caribbean on the island of Martinique.

The story goes as following: Vera Baker was Obama's "Finance Director" for his 2004 Senate campaign and made a good buck doing so. Although those who followed the campaign, Claire Serdiuk was known as the finance director on all the postings but strangely Vera Baker was paid too for the same position but not listed. According to reports, Michelle Obama became very angry about something and all of a sudden Vera Baker was relocated to New York. It is said that Michelle was EXTRA angry about something, but it was not specified as to what in the media. And then, not very long after relocating to New York, Vera Baker found herself on the island of Martinique.

The Daily Mail who released the name of the woman has since then said the claim is unsubstantiated but there is a quite a bit of story to go along with what we don't know. Could this mean that a major American newspaper company will be covering this story right before election? Rumor of Obama's adultery will most likely have an adverse effect on the election and could come up as the big 'October Surprise'. What's even stranger is the fact that this was brought up by bi-partisan Democrats, not republicans at the Daily Mail. Hmmm...strange no?

Whether not this is just dirt hitting the fan, as this gains popularity more and more people are going to want details.

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