UK Election 2010: Woman in Brown 'bigot' row not to vote

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mr. Gordon Brown and Mrs.Gillian Duffy

The woman at the centre of a media storm after being called "bigoted" by Gordon Brown has said she will not be voting for Labour or any party.

Gillian Duffy told the Mail on Sunday she felt sorry for Mr Brown after he made the unguarded remark, minutes after she confronted him in public.

Mr Brown later visited Mrs Duffy's home in Rochdale to express his regret.
Mrs Duffy said she accepted his apology but declined his invitation to shake hands with her in front of the cameras.

Mr Brown's remarks - in which he described his discussion with Mrs Duffy on issues such as immigration and education as a "disaster" - were captured by a microphone he was still wearing
A life-long Labour supporter, Mrs Duffy has not commented publicly since the prime minister spent 40 minutes in her Rochdale home on Wednesday.

Immediately after she was told about Mr Brown's remarks, Mrs Duffy suggested she would not be voting Labour as she had previously intended.

After the incident, Mr Brown told Labour members that he "profoundly regretted" the remarks and has since acknowledged he has paid a "very high price" for them.

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