Alejandra Campoverdi is Hotter than Sarah Palin(Grand Ma)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Alejandra Campoverdi is now part of Obamas youngest staff team, but many people asks the question how this beautyful girl get into the White House, if you know you can share your story in comments. The Internet got flooded today with this girl’s name and pictures.

Alejandra Campoverdi - Beauty And Brains

Grandma Sarah Palin

Alejandra Campoverdi is hot without question, she was also called the hot “Maxim babe”. Everybody’s looking for her pictures so we post some oldies and recent pics about this beauty, she is also featured in Hot 100 from 2009 along with Michelle Obama.  How will such a gossip babe become part of Obama’s younges staff team we can ask, I think we’ll hear more about Alejandra in future as somehow she does not fit into that picture, but we’ll see mabe she does.

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