List of American civil rights leaders.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Abernathy, Ralph (1926-1990) clergyman, activist, Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) official
Anthony, Susan B. (1820-1906) women's suffrage/voting rights leader
Baker, Ella (1903-1986)
Bates, Daisy (1914-1999)
Beal, Dana (1947-) pro-hemp leader, activist, organizer, author
Bevel, James (1936-2008) SCLC's main strategist, organizer, and Direct Action leader
Black,Claude (1916-2009)
Bond, Julian (1940-) activist, politician, scholar, lawyer, NAACP chairman
Brown, John (1800-1859) led slave revolt
Burns, Lucy (1879-1966) women's suffrage/voting rights leader
Carmichael, Stokely (1941-1998)
Chavez, Cesar (1927-1993) Chicano activist, organizer, trade unionist
Colvin, Claudette (1939-) pioneer student and independent activist
Cooke, Marvel (1903-2000), journalist, writer, trade unionist, civil rights activist[1]
Cotton, Dorothy (1930-) SCLC activist and leader
Cuney, Norris Wright (1846–1898), Texas politician and leader of the Texas Republican Party
Du Bois, W. E. B. (1868-1963), writer, scholar, founder of NAACP
Evers, Charles (1922-)
Evers, Medgar (1925-1963) NAACP official
Farmer, James (1920-1999) CORE leader and activist
Forman, James (1928-2005) SNCC official and activist
Foster, Marie (1917-2003) activist, local leader in Selma Movement
Friedan, Betty (1921-2006) writer, activist, feminist
Hall, Prathia (1940-2002) SNCC activist, civil rights movement speaker
Hamer, Fannie Lou (1917-1977) activist in Mississippi movements
Hendricks, Lola (1932-) activist, local leader in Birmingham Campaign
Herer, Jack (1939-) pro-hemp activist, organizer, author
Hill, Robert (1892-?)
Hobson, Julius Wilson (1919-1977) organizer, agitator, researcher, plaintiff
Horton, Myles (1905-1990) teacher of nonviolence, pioneer activist
Howard, T.R.M. (1908-1976)
Jackson, Jesse (1941-) clergyman, activist, politician
Jordan, June (1936-2002), writer, poet, civil rights activist, feminist
King, Coretta Scott (1927-2006)
King Jr., Martin Luther (1929-1968) clergyman, SCLC co-founder and president, activist
Lawson, James (1928-) teacher of nonviolence, activist
Lafayette, Bernard (1940-) SCLC and SNCC activist and organizer
Lewis, John (1940-)
Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865), 16th President of the United States, promulgated Emancipation Proclamation
Lowery, Joseph (1921-) SCLC leader, activist
Luper, Clara (1923-) Sit-in movement leader, activist
Meredith, James (1933-) independent student leader and self-starting activist
Milk, Harvey (1930-1978) politician, gay rights activist
Moses, Robert "Bob" (1935-) leader, activist, and organizer
Nash, Diane (1938-) SNCC and SCLC activist and organizer
Nixon, Edgar (1899-1987)
Orange, James (1942-2008) SCLC activist and organizer, trade unionist
Parks, Rosa (1913-2005) NAACP official, activist
Paul, Alice (1885-1977) women's suffrage/voting rights leader
Randolph, A. Philip (1889-1979) socialist, labor leader
Robinson, Amelia Boynton (1911-) voting rights activist
Rustin, Bayard (1912-1987), civil rights activist
Sharpton, Al (1954-) clergyman, activist
Sherrod, Charles civil rights activist, SNCC leader
Shuttlesworth, Fred (1922-) clergyman, activist
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady (1815-1902) women's suffrage/voting rights leader
Steinem, Gloria (1934-) writer, activist, feminist
Stone, Lucy (1818-1893) women's suffrage/voting rights leader
Vivian, C.T. (1924-) student leader, SNCC activist
Walker, Wyatt Tee, clergyman, activist: NAACP and CORE in Virginia, Executive Dictator, SCLC (1960-1964)
Wells, Ida B. (1862-1931) journalist, women's suffrage/voting rights activist
White, Walter Francis (1895-1955) NAACP executive secretary
Wilkins, Roy (1901-1981), NAACP executive secretary/executive director
Willard, Frances 1839-1898) women's rights, suffrage/voting rights leader
Williams, Robert F.(1925-1996), organizer
X, Malcolm (1925-1965), author, activist
Young, Andrew (Andy) Jr. (1932-) clergyman, SCLC activist and executive director.
Young, Whitney M., Jr. (1921-1971), Executive Director of National Urban League; advisor to Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon
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