Cristiano Ronaldo humbles himself: say Lionel Messi Is Better

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo "conceded" defeat in the Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo debate that has been making noise all over the planet since both players emerged as two of the world's most influential football stars. Cristiano Ronaldo declared Barcelona's Lionel Messi as the man of the moment but this doesn't mean that he put himself out of the picture.

According to the Real Madrid playmaker, Lionel Messi is certainly a talented player but it would be wrong to pour all praises on him only. In an interview on Monday afternoon, the Portuguese superstar finally touched this delicate issue. He told Italian newspaper La Stampa :

"Maybe, yes," when asked if Lionel Messi was the best player on the planet. However, he was quick to make his point as he added:

"But honestly, Barcelona have also been playing very well too. They've won the last five or six trophies and they top La Liga at the moment."

"Yes, Messi was great last season and he is great this year too. But the team [Barcelona] are helping him. And also now, he knows his teammates better," Ronaldo explained referring to the fact that his Real Madrid side was yet to gel completely with all the new players in the squad.

Cristiano Ronaldo then spoke about Los Blancos as the season is heading towards its end. The former Manchester United ace who won a series of individual and collective titles during his time with the Red Devils is presently in danger of ending his first season in Madrid cupless. For a majority of the public, Real Madrid's fate will explain a lot about Cristiano Ronaldo's level of performance in Spain. Whereas many blame his decision to leave England and others simply conclude that Lionel Messi's influence is the difference in Ronaldo's unfruitful year in Spain, the player himself has other ideas.

"I think I'm always at a high level and if Real Madrid end without a trophy, it won't mean that I am playing badly. I'm always working hard every day in order to improve. I think that Real Madrid can do it in La Liga. It's my first year here and we can give more as a group. But I can't complain individually."

Cristiano Ronaldo's interview in La Stampa and his comments about Lionel Messi benefiting from Barcelona's wonderful form to become the world's best player has provoked more insults from Anti-Ronaldo supporters. Is there any truth in Cristiano Ronaldo's belief concerning Messi? Is there any feeling of jealousy from the former FIFA Player of the Year?


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