Pittsburgh Marathon

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Pittsburgh Marathon expected to see a record 16,000 runners today. The  race consists of the 26.2-mile marathon and 13.1-mile half-marathon. The marathon officials cut off the registration at 16,000 but hope to make it even bigger and better next year. The prize money generally determines the number of runners as well how many professional runners enter.

The Pittsburgh Marathon winners in 2010 will get a  little bit pocket change.  However, the only way to make the marathon bigger and better is to find a way to increase the prize money. The men and women’s winners will receive $6,500 which hardly compares to the Los Angeles Marathon in 2009 which put out $20,000 per winner and the New York Marathon this fall with a whopping $130,000. Obviously Pittsburgh has to look to bigger money to get better runners.

A majority of the runners in the Pittsburgh Marathon are from Pennsylvania. However, 47 other states and 10 countries will be represented in the running. While the number of runners grow, some runners liked the race when it was a small race for the amateurs of the race world. Many athletes will continue to run just because it’s their favorite, but most say they liked it better when it was just a small town race.

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