Abayomi Odunowo-Elegbede, Action Congress (AC) governorship guber hopeful unfolds agenda

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Action Congress (AC) governorship aspirant in Ogun State Abayomi Odunowo-Elegbede has unfolded a Four-Point Agenda at a gathering of his friends and associates in Lagos.

Odunowo-Elegbede, a telecom expert and Chief Executive of Bell and Bell Telecommunications, used the occasion to enumerate his plans for Ogun State, if he is given the ticket and eventually voted into power.

He categorised his plans into four major areas. Agriculture, he said, is number one on his list, followed by health, infrastructure and education.

Excited Elegbede, who hails from Yewa, stated that he started this journey to become governor about four years ago by familiarising himself with the state. He said "I have extensively entrenched myself within the party in the state and formed a very strong movement within the Action Congress."

Odunowo-Elegbede, who is a graduate of Agricultural Engineering from University of Nigerian, Nsukka, said: "I will use agriculture to generate employment to over 200,000 young people in a year; I will use agriculture to put food on the table of my people. I will use agriculture to build and strengthen citizens’ economic base."

He spoke on what magic agriculture can do to a state like Ogun with a sea port and land mass conducive for agriculture. "I am very conversant with the importance of storage to beef the individual economy of the people, there by exporting the left over and earn foreign exchange, since export market is abundantly available for agricultural products," he said. The hall went agog with ovation when he reeled out his plans for the state.

The coordinator of the Committee of Friends, Otunba Biodun Ajiboye, said about the meeting, "see the flow in his presentation, see the knowledge and passion he is displaying. You can feel some seriousness and determination from his attitude. We are here to lend our support to our friend who has called on us."

When asked how he intends to work on the other areas and excel, he said: "among these my friends you see here is everything anyone needs to run a perfect government." The list of friends comprises of top legal luminaries, Executive Director of Banks, Managing Directors of Banks, architects and engineers.

Some of the party faithful from the state who attended the parley had good things to say about him; one of them, Adeyemi Fatuga said, "He personally awakened the party structures again in the State, he spent his resources to mobilise people around since about 4 years now. He is the very first to indicate interest in this race and really his chances are high." He has built a very formidable structure across the State and all those that matters in Local Politics in the Action Congress are working for him."

A member of the Committee of Friends and a former Managing Director of Oceanic Bank, Ghana, Wole Ajomale, said, "we are not politicians but if one of us has the courage to pick the gauntlets, we will support him. For the sake of our children...things can’t go on like this."

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Ajibike Abiola Babatunde(DHL) said...

I appreciate the new brain, tecnocrat, governorship aspirant Abayomi Odunowo(incoming governor) who can turn the supernatural resources of the state (agriculture)round to develop and bring to the state the facilities we have been yearning for in the area of health, housing, education, transportation, employment for the youth and wealth to the industrialist.

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