Still on Ghaddafi's call for splitting Nigeria

Monday, April 5, 2010

President Ghaddafi's recent call for splitting Nigeria into two along religious lines of North for Muslims and South for Christians has sparked outrage among the ruling elites in view of their comments and reactions.
The reactions to Ghaddafi's comment by the ruling elites have once again revealed their character which is a replica of the attitude of the illegitimate child (Bastard), 'whose charity begins away'. While one may not agree totally with the position of Ghaddafi, his position in view of our chequered history calls for sober reflection instead of grandstanding as our elites are currently engaged in. Nigeria's ruling elites are fond of deceit, potraying a false image of all is well when the house is on fire. Yesterday, it was Mrs. Hilary Clinton, today it is President Ghaddafi, only God knows who will be next to embarrass us that our house is collapsing.

Ghaddafi's position on Nigeria may have missed the target partially but not totally. The recurring religious genocide in the North which culminates in the wanton waste of human lives and properties of persons of Christian religion and Southern extraction makes Ghaddafi's stance very relevant. Ghaddafi may not have spoken the mind of us all but at least, he has spoken the mind of some enemies of the failed Nigerian state who are hell-bent on using religion to permanently divide and ridicule us in the comity of decent human beings. Religion is one of the many issues affecting the Nigerian state which have to be handled sensitively.

Ghaddafi's comment apart from exposing his frustration about the embarrassment called Nigeria is also in tandem with the position of patriotic and honest Nigerians who have shouted themselves hoarse about the need for a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) to discuss the way forward from the lopsided and bogus federation imposed on us by the colonialist. Ghaddafi unlike the hypocritical Nigerian ruling elites has come to terms with the need for the people of Nigeria to engage themselves in dialogue rather than dissipating energies on a fake contraception that cannot and would not work. Ghaddafi's comment is therefore a wake up call to the Nigerian authorities to allow the people decide the basis of the country's unity rather than pretend that all is well and continue with the waste of human and material resources via bloodshed.

•Nelson Ekujumi, Lagos, Nigeria


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