Dr. Van Edward Scott implicated in he illegal pain medications Prescriptions Case

Friday, April 9, 2010

       Dr. Van Edward Scott's mugshot              Dr. Van Edward Scott

A Lawrence County doctor, said by authorities to be the highest prescriber of pain medication in the state, has been arrested along with several of his patients on charges that he illegally prescribed massive quantities of powerful pain medications, which were resold on the streets.

Attorney General Tom Corbett said in a news release today that the suspects were part of a large-scale illegal oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl and methadone distribution ring in Beaver, Mercer and Lawrence counties.

Mr. Corbett said the investigation focused on Dr. Van Edward Scott, 58, of New Wilmington, Lawrence County, who began practicing medicine in Pennsylvania in 2004. He has operated two offices in New Castle, originally at State Street and currently on Enclave Drive. He formerly was an emergency room doctor in Detroit.

Evidence and testimony regarding the case was presented to a statewide investigating grand jury, which recommended the criminal charges being filed today.

According to the grand jury, Dr. Scott is the highest prescriber of Schedule II controlled substances in Pennsylvania. In one year, Dr. Scott allegedly wrote prescriptions for 2.19 million doses, which was 60 percent higher than the second-highest prescriber in the state.

Agents estimate that 2.19 million doses would have a street value of at least $50 million.

Mr. Corbett said that during the summer of 2009, Dr. Scott had approximately 509 patients who were charged a monthly fee. Dr. Scott did not accept insurance and each patient was required to pay with cash, check or money order.

Mr. Corbett said that Dr. Scott allegedly spent very little time with his patients and did not take vital signs or provide any meaningful physical exam during office visits.

According to the grand jury, patients reported their physical conditions, requested an increase in current medication, or requested additional drugs, quantities and strengths. Dr. Scott then allegedly provided the patient with the requested prescriptions even though they were not medically required.

Eleven of the patients were also charged.

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