Embarrassed Rachael Coudriet, Tiger Woods' Latest Alleged Mistress, deleted her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rachael Coudriet          Tiger Woods
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On Wednesday night, Miss Coudrietl’s Facebook and Twitter pages had been deleted because of the overflowing messages she was receiving from the social networks’ e-mail accounts.

The media coverage of the illicit sexual affairs has been an agonizing, frustrating and traumatizing moment for Ms. Coudriet and her family. Ms. Coudriet and her family who had always lived a private life in their exclusive gated community have been caught in the media web coverage of Tiger Woods’s extra marital affairs.

Rachael Coudriet said. “I wanted to dig a hole, crawl in and die.” The young woman said, “I felt used and violated, like I meant nothing to him but a night of casual sex.”

Rachael Coudriet who would be the youngest of Woods’ dozen or so mistresses was also seduced by Tiger Woods’s dirty text messages. For example, the National Enquirer reported that Mr. Tiger Woods have sent numerous texts to Miss Coudriet last year. In one of text messages Tiger Woods sent Rachael Coudriet, he joked about her “cleaning his golf balls.”

 Coudriet reportedly confronted Tiger Woods, and she expressed how she felt about the illicit sexual affair she had with Tiger Woods in strong terms. In her own words, she told married Tiger Woods, “I extremely violated by what you did to me.” Tiger Woods reportedly responded that he was deeply sorry about his deeds and actions.
 Rachael Coudriet
Ms. Coudreit may be angling for a payoff. Some of Woods’ other alleged mistresses received or were offered payments. Uchitel, one of Tiger Woods mistresses, allegedly collected $10 million to maintain her silence.

The world’s number one golfer, who returns to action at the US Masters in Augusta on Thursday, has known Ms. Rachael Coudriet since she was 14. Tiger Woods nurture a friendship relationship with Rachael Coudriet through her teenager age.

 On May 29, 2009, Woods is said to have texted Miss Coudriet to invite her to a party in Isleworth. Tiger Woods arranged to meet Ms.Coudriet after the party, and picked her up in his family Escalade, making out with her within sight of his home.

 Tiger’s sexual advances started in his car, while Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ wife, was home, and ended with a two-hour sex session on the couch in Tiger’s private office,

 Earlier this week Tiger again publicly apologized for letting down wife Elin Nordegren, 30, over his affairs with at least 15 women.

 The latest revelations come as Woods prepares to tee-off the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia on Thursday, April 08, 2010. This would mark Tiger’s first return to pro golf since the scandal broke last November.

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