“Why Niger Delta Will Vote Buhari For Second Term In 2019

Monday, March 20, 2017

Chief Richard Kpodoh, a kinsman of former President Goodluck Jonathan, weekend slammed Former President Goodluck Jonathan over claim that PDP will retrun to Presidency in 2019, saying the PMB has exposed the six years of PDP lies under the last administration and ready to vote massive for PMB re-election in 2019.

Chief Richard Kpodoh said the recent clamp down by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) on those he reffered to as “Jonathan boys” in Bayelsa and other parts of the country have shown that the former President presided over the worst administration in the history of the country.

Kpodoh, who specifically described the period of Jonathan’s Presidency as the years of holocaust, said the former president short changed the people of the region in his six years in power with the PDP and enriched scores of his boys from Ogbia communities at the detriment of the needed infrastructural development of the entire people of the region.


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