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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Before fans of Funke Akindele start throwing plastic chairs at me, take a seat and read carefully.

Is Jenifa's Diary rated PG? If no, then the problem starts from the censor board.

Originally, Jenifa's accent could be traced to the Ibadan people in Oyo state but she really exaggerated , but that is not the point though.

My point is, people who already know the right grammar to use may not be a victim of this but people especially children who are still learning The English language should not be viewing that movie.

I heard a little girl speaking exactly like Jenifa. She was telling another kid "Joe, ava? and he replied "I is fine". Think of the damage it will cause to their English speaking ability on the long run.

Jenifa's Diary is not for school children but people watch it with kids around and you know kids learn things fast and if they know it, it is hard for them to forget it.

My advice is, don't watch Jenifa's Diary around kids.

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