Durella and Turtle Crew Records launch Durella Sneakers

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Durella was born Oluwadamilare Okulaja, but he goes by the stage name Durella. He was the winner of 2008 MTV/Zain Advance Warning; he smiled home with 5 million naira (roughly $50,000) cash prize. Durella goes by different aliases such as alias Omoyapayaski, 2gbaski, the king of the Zanga and the rest. He won the hearts of his fans and critics when he dropped his debut album titled Durella - King of the Zanga on Turtle Crew Records. The debut album paraded hit tracks like, Shayo, Enu O Se, Whiskolo Whiska, Queen of my Zanga, In da Zanga and others.

Durella’s New Album

For the year 2010, Durella, and his record label, Turtle Crew Records are working around the clock to release his long awaited second album. Durella’s new singles with the titles “Hustler” and “My Life” were released late last year (2009), and the singles are receiving impressive airplay, and they are topping the music chart in Nigeria. The rating of his new single shows Durella is still on top of his game, and the king of the Zanga is not letting his fans down. He has been focused and unobstructed.

Durella Sneakers

Durella and his management team are using his (2gbaski) brand equity to market and promote the “Durella Sneakers” that were recently made available for sales in Nigeria. According to notjustok’s website, the Sneakers sell for 25,000 Naira (almost $250).The “Durella Sneakers” look cute and comfortable to wear, but few people feel that price tag of 25,000 Naira is too expensive for average Nigerians to afford or to spend on sneakers. I am of the notion that Durella and his team must have done their market survey and research to gather information about consumers’ tastes, preferences and disposable income. I believe “DurellaSneakers” would be marketed to target certain group and niche in the society. I want Nigerians and Africans to support their own so that Zanga dream can be achieved.

Durella Sneakers Ad on Youtube

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L-Bizzle said...

The Sneakers is quite nice but that price is outrageous.

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