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Monday, May 15, 2017

 Two Thieves Have Been Apprehended After Inflicting Deep Cut On A Student With Cutlass In Gk campus, futminna

They were intercepted by neighbours who came to rescue the victim and his girlfriend today. The robbers who were said to be four in number attacked a student (name with held) in Entrepreneur and Business Studies Department with a machet leaving cuts on him after stabbing him vigorously. They took his phones and laptop.

We learnt the victim who leaves in sound city Lodge, Gidan kwano minna was attacked by the robbers while he came out to put off his generator. They accompanied him inside his house locked the door asked for his gadgets he then locked his girlfriend in the bathroom for safety while he battles with them. He was stabbed vigorously with deep cuts after taking his belongings. She immediately alerted the neighbours.

They were apprehended by some neighbours while they were trying to force the door open. Two were caught as All effort to force there way-out proved abortive. The other two escaped immediately the door was opened from outside by some angry students.

Students came out in mass to have there own share of the cake as they Unclad the thieves beating, kicking and hitting them with some hard sticks

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