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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Afrobeat legend, Femi Kuti, has called for Buhari’s resignation, saying that the cost of his numerous medical trips is taking its toll on Nigeria’s already dwindling economy.

In Interview Kuti fumed, ‘You see, I think he should just be sincere and hand over to Vice President Osinbajo.‘You cannot spend so many months going abroad for medical trip. Please, just resign and hand over to the vice president, or is it by force?

‘It is not a do or die affair now, do you know what it is costing Nigeria for the president to keep on going on those medical trips outside the country? What about the millions of people who cannot afford it.’Lamenting over the state of hospitals in Nigeria, Kuti stated, ‘If one of the biggest legacies the President leaves behind is making General Hospital one of international repute, it would make a lot of sense, but why should we pay for them to have treatment outside the country and then, we cannot have the same privilege? So because he is the president, the rest of us should die as a result of bad health care?

‘It shows that the government should think of improving our own system to international standards. By banning themselves from travelling, if we must die, let us die in our country

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