Who is Rachel Coudriet? Plus Rachel Coudriet's Pictures

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rachel Coudriet is currently, 22 years old, and she is Tiger Woods neighbor. Rachel Coudriet has been publicly identified as one of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress.

Rachel Coudriet

As a result of this sex scandal and media frenzy, Ms. Rachel has deteled her photos on her Facebook and Twitter profiles to conceal her identity.

Since we often heard about Tiger’s scandal previously, I believe this rumors is not so surprising. But difference between Rachel Coudriet and other Tiger Woods’ mistresses is the fact that she is Tiger Woods Neighbors Daughter. Raychel Coudriet is the youngest daughter of Tiger’s neighbor. She is described as a “brash” party girl. Two people from Tiger Woods hometown of Windermere, Florida.

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