Tinubu refutes Nigeria Tribune’s story: IBB Rejects Tinubu’s Offer To Run On AC Ticket

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, former governor of Lagos State and a national leader of the Action Congress (AC), has dismissed as plain fiction, the story published by Saturday Tribune of 10 April 2010, purporting that he led a delegation that offered Gen. Ibrahim Babangida the AC presidential ticket, aside from offering himself as Babangida’s running mate.

Below is the full statement by the former governor:

“We read with amusement the Saturday Tribune story purportedly claiming Asiwaju Bola Tinubu led a five-man AC delegation to Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, offering the former military president the AC presidential ticket; and offering himself as Babangida’s running mate.

“We laughed hilariously at yet another fiction from a newspaper fast gaining notoriety for mischief, to push whatever agenda it hits upon. So, Asiwaju Tinubu, after consultation with his aides, decided to ignore the report, knowing that the discernible would equally dismiss it as yet another fable from the Tribune stable. It is Tribune’s patent of ‘pepper-soup journalism’.

“But then, the Diaspora audience, far from the scene of action, and ever concerned about developments at home, seem to have been sucked in by the blatant lie, the way they have jammed the net with reactions. It is because of these concerned and patriotic Diaspora Nigerians that we decided to refute the story.

“There is no truth whatever in that story. It is the latest in the endless attempts to paint Bola Tinubu in bad light. But as past attempts have shown, it is the agents behind the stories that put themselves in bad light.

“Let them continue sponsoring falsehood. We will continue to push for urgent reforms to save our democracy.”

Olakunle Abimbola,
Chief Press Secretary to Asiwaju Tinubu.

Source: Bola Tinubu Media Office

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