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Monday, April 5, 2010


Four years ago, popular juju musician-turned evangelist, Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi was down and out having lost all what he had laboured for over the last three decades. Indeed, it was a story of grace to grass. His debts piled up and banks were running after him. At the end of the day, Obey lost his factory located in Sango Ota, Ogun State and other properties to the bargain.

Even though Obey knew so many rich people who could come to his assistance in his moment of need, he maintained a stoic silence and kept to himself not wanting to be tagged a beggar. Thinking all hope was lost, the musician consoled himself with the Holy Bible which he read regularly.

Then the unbelievable happened. God sent to him a Good Samaritan who lifted him up from the pit of hell and disgrace. That friend in deed is Otunba Mike Adenuga, Chairman, Globacom.

In this rare encounter with Blockbuster, Obey, who turns 68 today, narrates how he ran into the storm of life and how Adenuga came to his rescue. It’s unputdownable! Enjoy:

“I had my challenges four years ago. I lost my factory and everything. Banks were on my neck because I owed two banks then. I had so many people that can help me but I didn’t want them to see me as a beggar. I read my Bible everyday, I made the Bible my best companion and today the trial is over through the help of one man, Otunba Mike Adenuga. What he did for me is simply beyond my comprehension and I will continue to pray for him and his family.

I lost everything but God showed up. Everything I lost I made back in manifolds by this same man. I am talking about good money. God allowed me to draw from another source. God used a Good Samaritan for me. When God calls you, He stands by you. God can never disappoint you. No matter how bad the situation may look like, God is a very good God. He surprised me, He did wonders for me.

When I was down, one individual who doesn’t even want anybody to know assisted me. When I had the problem, I didn’t go to anybody but Adenuga heard about my predicament and came to my rescue.

I started Praise Altar eight years ago when I turned 60, and the first money I got was N2.5 million. The person that gave the money was former Governor Segun Osoba. Later, Adenuga sent for me and asked in what way he could support my ministry. I told him that the first crusade we did cost us N2.5 million. He then gave me N5 million. I did not go to him. God laid it in his heart to send for me and gave me money. Since then, he has been consistently giving me money.

One thing about Mike Adenuga is that anytime he gives me money, it would be when I don’t have. How he manages to know when I am hard up is what I don’t know. But anytime he gives me money is when I don’t have.

With the help of Adenuga, I have been able to re-establish myself. I cannot quantify what he has done for me so far. Even if I land a contract of N100 million today it is not up to what Mike Adenuga has done for me. He has helped me to repurchase and re-establish all that was lost.

Yes, God has restored all I lost to me in multiple folds through one man. He has put me back on a sound footing. God really used Adenuga for me greatly. Before the need arises, the supply is already there.

Many people think I recorded an album for Adenuga because of what he did for me. No. He didn’t ask me to do any album for him but I deemed it fit seeing somebody who has always been there for me. He only told me to give him a collection of my old music. He loves Iba Loye Kase so, instead of giving him all my old albums, I decided to do a special album for him based on the information I have on him. We didn’t release the album to the public; it was made specially for him. His reaction? He was shocked but really appreciated it.”

Source: www.sunnewsonline.com

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